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Mercedes-Benz began production of the SL W113 Pagoda in 1963, with its 2.3L M127.981 Inline six engine producing 148HP.  BOSCH Multi-port mechanical fuel injection delivered one plunger per injector, meaning fuel could be sprayed straight through the intake manifold and past the open valves.

Late in 1966 Mercedes began production of the new increased engine capacity at 2.5L with the release of their M129.982 engine, later terminating the 2.3L in ‘67.  This new SL W113 Mercedes engine offered increased torque from 145 lb.ft to 159 lb.ft, as well as a wider power band meaning the W113 now felt more capable than its predecessor despite the output remaining the same. With just 5196 examples rolling off the production line, the 250SL is the rarest SL W113 Mercedes produced.

December 1967 saw Mercedes release the largest capacity engine - a 2.8L M130.983 engine producing 168HP and 180 lb.ft., which ran until 1971 when the W113 was replaced by the R107 SL. 

SLSHOP supports owners and restorers alike by offering replacement engine parts, such as cylinder heads, fuel additives, oil hoses, distributor cap screw sets, water pumps and so much more. All components are available across different tiers of quality and pricing, allowing owners and restorers the ability to improve their cars according to their specific budget. These tiers include Heritage, Reclaimed, Reproduction, OEM and Remanufactured Mercedes Parts. 

To quickly locate your required engine components, browse our website using the search bar, category filter or by using the line drawing. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call our team on +44 (0) 1789 337 070. Each soft and hard top item can be shipped with next-day delivery to any postcode worldwide. 

In 1965 Mercedes engineers fitted a one-off 250SL Pagoda with the monumental 6.3L V8 engine from the company's flagship W100 model.  The resulting “rocket” was dubbed the W113-12, delivering 250 Hp and 500 Nm to the rear wheels via a 4-speed automatic gearbox and only one example was ever created.  It never saw production as it was deemed complex to build and prohibitively nose-heavy, its front tyres lasting just 9 circuits of the Nürburgring’s North Loop, where the rear tyres managed 16.

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