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The Mercedes-Benz W113 230SL model was introduced wearing 14” x 6” steel wheels. Fitted to these were two-part chrome trims consisting of a central hub cap, and an outer chrome beauty ring held in place with a series of trim clips. This setup included painting the centre caps to match the vehicle’s hardtop roof, which would either match or contrast the body colour depending on the factory option that was selected.

A full-size spare wheel sat vertically in a recess to the right side of the boot compartment, although this was later changed in ‘64 for the spare to be stored horizontally.  This change in boot floor would later make way for the increased capacity 82L fuel tank of the 250SL and 280SL 

December 1967 saw Mercedes replace the two-part chromes with one-piece hub caps, more akin to the W108 and W109 models of the era. Steel in construction and colour matched to the roof and new rims, these were now black as standard to be entirely obscured by the chrome wheel trims.

Finally, in August 1970, Mercedes designers added the 14” x 6” Fuchs alloy wheels as a factory-fitted option. Also known as the ‘Bundt’ alloy. The reduction in unsprung weight was substantial, with noticeable differences to the ride and handling although the jury was out on the new look.  The same design would go on to be used on various Mercedes models well into the 1980s, including a change to 6.5” in width.

We offer a range of products to improve the stance and appearance of your Mercedes-Benz W113. Perhaps you’d like to change the appearance of your SL by choosing 14” x 6” Fuchs alloys or simply ensure your spare tyre is secured in place? All products are utilised by our in-house craftsmen who restore and service the Mercedes-Benz W113 throughout the year. 

To quickly locate your required W113 Pagoda’s wheel parts, browse our website using the search bar, category filter or by using the line drawing. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call our team on +44 (0) 1789 337 070. Each soft and hard top item can be shipped with next-day delivery to any postcode worldwide. 


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