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The Mercedes SL W113 is built for style and comfort.  This leaves no place for loud wind noise, damp smells from the carpet or even condensation in the cabin and boot.  These are just a few signs of perished weather seals no longer sealing as they should. In the long run, it can lead to rusted floor pans or mould, so it’s important to act at the earliest opportunity. Moreover, a rubber seal doesn’t need to have visual cracks to be considered spoiled.  Over time, they can compact, and the pressure fit seal between surfaces is lost, allowing water ingress or wind noise to spoil the time spent driving your Pagoda.

Common failures on a Mercedes SL W113 include the A-pillar and roof seals around the door drop glass, as well as the boot/trunk seal and the deck lid seal for the folding roof’s cavity.  Although troubles for the classic Mercedes SL W113 are not limited to those alone, so speak with a member of our team if you’re in any doubt.  Once your Pagoda is rain and wind tight, you will find the cabin a warmer, quieter, and more comfortable place to be 

SLSHOP stocks and supplies all the seals required to secure your Mercedes SL W113’s internals. Our seals are available across different tiers of quality and pricing, allowing owners and restorers the ability to improve their cars according to their specific budget. These tiers include Heritage, Reproduction, OEM and Remanufactured Mercedes Parts. 

To quickly locate your required seals, browse our website using the search bar, category filter or by using the line drawing. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call our team on +44 (0) 1789 337 070. Each soft and hard top item can be shipped with next-day delivery to any postcode worldwide. 


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