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Chrome or paint? Which does one notice first when casting eyes on a Mercedes SL W113? We can all agree that tarnished or damaged brightwork can spoil the appearance of any classic Mercedes-Benz. The chrome bumpers, front grille, and side mouldings are all unique to the appearance of the W113.

Water, time, and bumps all take their toll on the exterior trim and chrome of your classic Mercedes SL W113. The consequential effect is not only to your driving pleasure but also the vehicle’s insurance and resale value. The Mercedes SL W113 boasted exterior trim in a variety of forms, mainly as a carbon steel construction with chrome plating found with the bumpers and front grille. An electroplated aluminium garnish was used for lighter components, such as the windscreen surround or side moulding pieces. 

To cater for all owners, we offer exterior trim and bumpers across different tiers of quality and pricing.  From Heritage, Reproduction and Remanufactured to Reclaimed Mercedes Parts each product allows owners to restore and keep their Mercedes SL W113 in supreme condition.

Each exterior trim and bumper item can be shipped with next-day delivery to any postcode worldwide. Our passion, expertise and knowledge for classic Mercedes are simply unrivalled and we continue to listen to our customers to improve our product range. 

Searching for and choosing the correct exterior trim and bumper item for your Mercedes SL W113 is easy with SLSHOP. To quickly locate your required component, browse our website using the search bar, category filter or by using the line drawing. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call our team on +44 (0) 1789 337 070.


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