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SLSHOP was born out of a love of classic Mercedes-Benz. Over more than ten years, we
have consolidated our expert understanding of the engineering traits of four
generations of SL, including the W121, W113, R107 and R129. Our scrupulous attention
to restoring, servicing, buying, selling, owning, and supplying the parts for these cars
has allowed us to generate a unique approach to supporting owners and restorers
around the world.

The interconnected nature of our Parts Store and Workshops, as well as our strong
bond with SL owners around the world, enables us to strategically select our stock,
ensuring it meets the highest standards of excellence and caters for different budgets
and needs. Our team understands which components are required to restore a car to
concours level, which is the best R107 injector system for improved performance and
how you can improve the ride of your W113 Pagoda. The essence of SLSHOP Parts Store
is to help you improve and enjoy your classic Mercedes-Benz for years to come, by
giving you access to our SuperLeague team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and reliable
parts gurus.



Over the years we have seen many owners come to us with a sense of pride in their SL,
often not realising that beneath that beautifully angular exterior is a minefield of issues
just waiting to explode. The R107 SL is infamous for its bulkhead rusting and with more
and more vehicles coming to us in need of repair, we set about designing and
manufacturing our own replacement Bulkhead Repair Kit for all R107 SL models. This kit
is exclusive to SLSHOP and is just one example of our products that is keeping SLs on
the road globally.


The interior of your SL should fill you with joyful memories, elicited by the soothing
tones of the engine, the quietness of the road and the smells of the upholstery. A
cracked and tired dashboard and centre console is enough to put you off enjoying
driving your classic Mercedes-Benz. To reinvigorate owners’ driving experiences and to
sustain our award-winning restorations, we offer a multitude of Burl and Zebrano Wood
packs for the R107 SL. These packs are designed for various models, with and without
heated seats, electric windows, and electric mirrors.

Why would you go anywhere else?


SLSHOP Parts Store now offers more than 18,000 products spanning three generations
of SL, with plans to introduce many more models, including classic saloons and coupes.
Our SuperLeague team of Product Managers and procurement experts, have forged
relationships with suppliers across the globe to supply you with your essential
components. Each part we stock undergoes the same quality testing as the cars that we
sell and restore. Our Service and Restoration Departments exclusively use our parts,
therefore if the quality is not right for them, then it is not right for you.
To cater for different budgets and ownership needs, SLSHOP Parts Store has designed a
product tier system, which incorporates components of different quality and originality.
This enables us to support owners who are looking for completely original parts to
guarantee them a concours masterclass title, or those owners who are more focused on
getting their car up to daily driver standards. Whatever your cause, our product
categories are here to help you establish which components best suits your car:

Heritage Mercedes Parts: 

Through our network of global connections, SLSHOP continues to unearth long-forgotten
collections of rare and even obsolete stock. These components often retain their original
packaging; with most of the collections found dating back as far as the early 1960s.
SLSHOP is often one of the sole custodians of these rare, New-Old Stock components. They
are both old because they have often been manufactured in a previous era, and new
because they have not been used and are in their original, ready-to-use condition. 
Our efforts to acquire these parts, grants owners and restorers’ access to rare components
in an ">as-new condition, which may not have been seen for generations. These parts
enable vehicles to be restored to a level not achievable were it not for the availability of
SLSHOP’s Heritage Mercedes Parts. 

Reclaimed Mercedes Parts:

As specialists in a range of classic Mercedes-Benz models, we are often tasked with
evaluating whether a vehicle is beyond economical repair. Those vehicles that we deem to
have exhausted their usability, are assessed for their capacity to help preserve other road-
worthy vehicles. We will establish which parts possess originality and sufficient lifespan,
making them available to those cars that will not survive without the components from a
donor car. These parts are stripped from existing vehicles and made available. Once they’re
gone, they’re gone. 
Remanufactured Mercedes Parts
SLSHOP Remanufactured Parts are fully tested and are underwritten with the same
warranty terms as a new boxed product.
To deal with the demand for an increasingly large number of Classic Mercedes-Benz parts
that are no longer available or manufactured, SLSHOP leads a crucial process of remanufacturing original Mercedes-Benz components. Each part is revived using the exact

standards of Mercedes-Benz, as well as improved with modern materials.
Often Remanufactured parts are referred to as ‘rebuilt’, ‘reconditioned’ or ‘refurbished’
products, however these 3 terms often describe a ‘wash and brush up’ or ‘make do and
mend’ approach which does not fit within the culture of the SLSHOP.
SLSHOP will go to lengths to revive what you may think is a faulty item. From braking and
cooling components to fire damaged instruments and accident damaged bumpers, we
continue to replenish our inventory of remanufactured original components.
Remanufactured Parts are essential to the lifeline of vehicles around the world, enabling
owners to improve, restore, and enjoy their classic Mercedes-Benz for years to come. 


In keeping with the originality of all classic Mercedes-Benz models, we offer a variety of
OEM branded parts that were either found on models leaving the production facility or that
have been supplied to Mercedes-Benz since. Examples include Bosch, Bilstein, ATE, Mahle
and Behr; all of which are now supplied by SLSHOP.


Over the years, SLSHOP has expanded its knowledge and passion into the field of bespoke
restorations, reimagining several classic Mercedes-Benz models for the purposes of
competing in racing and rallies. SLSHOP has honed this expertise and now supplies a range
of SportLine Parts specifically sourced from around the world to build upon your already
capable Mercedes-Benz chassis.

SLSHOP’s focus has been on areas such as the drive, transmission, suspension, braking and
handling to enable you to make your classic Mercedes-Benz drive, respond and brake as
close to modern performance standards as possible. SportLine parts also encompass
cosmetic changes to your individual tastes.
SportLine Parts are for owners looking to achieve a different class of driving experience.

Reproduction Mercedes Parts

There are thousands of parts on each classic Mercedes-Benz and often, there are essential
components that are no longer produced for each vehicle. SLSHOP continues to expand its
collection of Reproduction Mercedes Parts that may or may not be available via other retail
outlets. Each Reproduction Mercedes Part is competitively priced to keep you and your
vehicle on the road.

For those seeking a more exact level of reproduction, we also offer OEM and Reproduction
Premium Parts where available.

Reproduction Premium Parts:

As owners and restorers of a variety of classic Mercedes-Benz models, not just SL’s, we
understand what constitutes a high calibre reproduction part. We stock a selection of

premium reproduction parts that have been rigorously inspected and tested by members of
our Parts and Workshop teams, ensuring that the performance, fit, size, colour, texture, and
weight matches that of an original. SLSHOP rejects any items that do not meet the highest
of standards. Our goal is to supply you with Concours-level components to keep your classic
Mercedes-Benz running and looking like the day it left the showroom. 
Reproduction Premium signifies the highest calibre of a reproduced part.

Exclusive Mercedes Parts: 

An accumulation of years of specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of classic
Mercedes-Benz models gives us a continued insight into the essential parts required by
owners around the globe. As SLSHOP has grown, so too has our expertise to commission a
range of high-quality components via our network of global business partners, enabling us
to bring you the most sought-after parts, exclusively available via SLSHOP.

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