Mercedes-Benz SL 107 Paint Protection Film Pattern - Virtually Invisible

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Mercedes-Benz SL 107 Paint Protection Film Pattern - Virtually Invisible

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Mercedes-Benz SL 107 Paint Protection Film Pattern - Virtually Invisible

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Product details

Mercedes-Benz SL 107 Paint Protection Film Pattern - Virtually Invisible is the ultimate way of protecting your Classic Mercedes-Benz 107's paint work.

The film protects against stone chips, scratches and traffic film debris; common culprits that damage your paint.

Preserving your factory or restored paintwork with a virtually invisible layer of protective film; our "out-of-the-box" pattern has been designed and pre-cut for an easy, safe, self-installation at home.

Installation is simple, with our video and paper how-to guides helping you through the installation.

Applied wet, the film can be carefully adjusted and correctly positioned for a perfect, streak and air bubble-free finish.

The self-healing film comes with a 5-year warranty against yellowing.

Relax and enjoy driving your classic SL again without the worry of your pride and joy sustaining damage.

The Mercedes-Benz SL 107 pattern covers partial bonnet, lower valance and partial wing top; the main impact areas of any car.

Did you know? We also offer an In-House fitment service where we can cover the whole of the front of the car; including a full bonnet, full wings, Lower valance and front wheel arches.

We can also cover any addition panels of your Mercedes at your request, please get in touch for more information.

Extra Information

- Supplied as a DIY Pattern
- Pre-Cut for easy application
- Video and Paper Instructions Included
- Self-Healing Film
- Suitable for protecting against stone chips, scratches and traffic film debris


What is paint protection film?
Paint protection film is a clear, invisible, self adhesive polyurethane covering which is applied to cars to protect paintwork from road debris, stone chips, light scuffs, scratches, bird droppings, road tar and animal matter.

How does paint protection film work?
Paint protection film provides a barrier between your paintwork and the day-to-day abuse of road debris. No matter how little or often you drive your car, or where you drive it, stone chips and insects are an inevitable. Paint protection film is an invisible skin designed to stop these imperfections from affecting your paintwork. Thanks to the construction of the polymers within the material, our paint protection film has self-healing properties. Insect matter, sap and bird droppings wipe off the film far easier than they do from paintwork, whilst small scratches and light scuffs disappear in minutes when exposed to heat - the film simply resumes it’s prior appearance when exposed to sunlight, the warmth of your garage or a warm soapy sponge.

Why use paint protection film?
Paint protection film is an ideal way to protect original or restored paintwork, prevent deterioration of the look of your car. By stopping stone chips and general road damage, paint protection film helps to maintain the value in your car and keep your paintwork looking sharp.

Who uses paint protection film?
Paint protection film is used by enthusiasts who care for their cars. Whether it’s the recent restoration of a classic car, or protecting the resale value of your lease vehicle, paint protection film takes a step to prevent degradation of your paintwork. Professionals in the preparation and sale of exotic, classic and high value cars often use paint protection to ensure a lasting finish.

What is paint protection film made from?
Paint protection film is made from polyurethane and is highly flexible yet extremely durable. It is easy to apply and manipulate, yet once dried it is impressively strong and long lasting.

What sort of finish does paint protection film give?
Paint protection film can be chosen in matt or gloss finishes.

Is the paint protection film visible?
Paint protection film is classed as ‘virtually invisible’. Our pre-cut patterns are designed to wrap around the edges and panel gaps of the vehicle, so they cannot be seen. Not only can you not see the boundaries of the wrap, but you wouldn’t catch the edge of the polyurethane film whilst washing your car.

Will it damage my paintwork?
Paint protection film is safe to apply on all types of paintwork as well as carbon fibre, lights and all plastics. It can be removed using a heat gun (or a hair dryer) and any glue residue that remains can be wiped clear with a simple glue remover, leaving your untouched and pristine paintwork beneath.

Will the film degrade over time?
In the early days of vinyl wrapping and paint protection film, materials weren’t able to stand up to UV rays and would yellow over time. Modern paint protection film has eradicated this problem. Our films come with a 5-year warranty over yellowing, and won’t be affected by sunlight and the harmful UV rays that degrade paintwork.

For Further product or fitting Information, contact our Paint Protection Helpline on 07720 737 896.

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SL 107


Our aim is simple…we want you to keep your SL running like the day it left the showroom by bringing you the widest range of parts and accessories to service, restore and enhance your Classic Mercedes-Benz SL.

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